My name is Jake Luna. I am from and currently live on the Island of Hawaii. I found my love for makeup 8 years when I purchased my first powder foundation. It was a MAC Cosmetics Powder Foundation in the shade NC42. Funny enough, I was extremely afraid of what the sales consultants were going to say, so I made my friend purchase it for me. She swatched a few shades and walked it over to me while I was tucked away hiding in the clothing section to find my shade match.

As a kid, I always played with friends and families makeup products. Whether I was sneaking around to play with it or asking them to put it on me as a “joke.” I continued to find a way to try makeup.

It was that moment when I purchased the MAC Foundation that I found the art behind makeup. My second purchase was a NARS Bronzer Powder. It was a ‘monumental’ moment as it was a first high end product I purchased and the first time I actually purchased something myself. I used it until I completely ran out and continue to purchase it til this day.

This image is dated 2013.  It was in that year my Makeup Collection began and would start growing to what it is today. I had four clear plastic drawers which all my products could have probably fit in one. I find it so funny that I always had to keep the makeup items in its original package. Even while I was using that product, I would still keep it in its package. I guess it was a way for reminding myself how much I spent on makeup!

Currently my Makeup Collection now fills two Alex Drawer Units with 9 Drawers from IKEA and sits on top of a beautiful makeup vanity from Pier 1. This vanity is from the Hayworth Collection from Pier 1 with a little alterations from myself to make it fit my space perfectly.
PS. Don’t mind the mess! This is real life folks! LOL. Also, I will be having an updated Makeup Collection video soon. Stay tuned!

That brings us to 2018 where I am living my makeup dreams through YouTube and Social Media as a Beauty Influencer! ♥